About Morgan

Morgan Hatfield is a self-taught potter of over 20 years. His work is best described as functional artwork. Whether the item is to contain, bake and serve a masterpiece of food for a gathering of family or guests; hold seasonal fruit and candy or simply to sit on a table and hold one’s attention; its job is to add light and beauty to that space. The intent is to allow the person to develop a relationship with the piece as a one of a kind work of art, as opposed to something mass produced.

As a previous service member of the US military and other organizations, he has traveled over three continents and served in military conflicts around the world. During that time he saw enough of the dark side of humanity and destruction. It has inspired him to create beauty and peaceful functional art for his friends, family and customers.

“We do ourselves a disservice by engaging the negative, darker side of the world in our everyday lives. We can all become that better person by surrounding ourselves with things of beauty. If my work touches just one person to make them smile or lift their spirits from the darkness, then that piece has done it’s job. It was made and refined to build a relationship with the person that beholds it.”